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Our Vision

We dream of a world where everyone has equal access to devices that will improve their quality of life. We design, make and provide these devices free of charge - because that is the way that it should be.

We use 3D printing techniques to manufacture custom devices at just a fraction of the cost. We see this technology as having the potential to revolutionise the prosthetic industry, eliminating the lead-time and costs of associated with traditional manufacturing techniques.

Through collaboration with industry, prosthetists, OTs, orthopaedic surgeons, biomedical engineers, universities, hand therapists, progressive bionic developers, makers, amputee and limb difference support groups, we strive to create a unified effort to advance prosthetic and bionic technology to better serve our global community. Nobody should go without.

All of our designs are released to the public under open-source licenses, so that they belong to the people. We decentralise our designs to empower communities and encourage others to develop our ideas further for the benefit of all mankind.

Meet the Team

Here are the amazing people who make up the Free 3D Hands team!


Mat Bowtell

Founder & Director

Mat has been realising the vision of Free 3D Hands since 2014. Since testing a one-million dollar bionic arm whilst studying mechatronics at Chiba University in Japan in 2004, he has had the dream to make this technology available to all people around the world- especially those who cannot access or afford it. Mat is the engineering mind behind Free 3D Hands, and has a strong passion and dedication towards serving the limb different community.

Caitlin and Simone

Caitlin & Simone

Work Experience

Caitlin and Simone selflessly give their time to help out. They helped to paint the new factory, set-up the equipment and confirm the new assembly line layout. They have a strong interest in science and are great problem solvers.

Yuka Profile Pic

Yuka Bowtell

Director & Administration

Yuka is Mat's wife and best friend. She has selflessly supported Mat from the beginning, and has been an integral part of bringing this vision into reality. With her kind heart and awesome organisational skills, she is the backbone of Free 3D Hands.







Rebecca Nerosa


Rebecca is an instrumental part of the Free 3D Hands team, helping out with assembling devices, keeping the printers running and the factory clean. She can multi-task with the best of them and can turn her hand to any task thrown her way.


Peta Strachan

Operations Manager

Peta is involved in all aspects of Free 3D Hands including finance, admin, working with corporate sponsors, media and recipients & their families.  She supports Mat  and they have been friends since kindergarten, and with her quick wit and sense of humour, she is definitely the life of Free 3D Hands. 🙂




Zafar & Jiajin

Work Experience, Biomedical Engineering

Zafar and Jacky are Master of Biomedical Engineering students who are helping to develop and improve the software for our low-cost bionic arm. They are super intelligent and we are very fortunate to have them on board!

Would you like to be a part of the team?

Please visit our Opportunities section to share what skills you can bring to the team!