Apply for a device

This form is used to conduct an initial assessment for suitability of a device. All  information provided is strictly confidential. We make assistive devices for people with partially formed hands or missing fingers.

The devices that we provide are not medical devices, and are provided for free, as a gift of good will.

We currently make assistive devices for certain hand differences such as partially formed hands with a functioning wrist or missing fingers from the first knuckle. Please understand that we cannot make devices for fully formed hands, or trans-radial limb differences at this stage. You have the option to go onto a waiting list as we develop these additional devices.*

You can rest assured that there is no cost involved in applying for a device- we provide them for free and even pay for the postage. 🙂

*We are able to send to all countries with the exception of North America. If you live in North America, please visit www.enablingthefuture.org for support.

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