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Bionic Arm
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What is Bionic West Coast IPA?

It’s more than a beer and more than a movement, it’s a combination! Ocean Reach Brewing and Free 3D Hands have teamed up to create a feel-good beer that gives back. It’s a ripper of an IPA using US hops for that fresh hit! 100% of the profits will be donated to Free 3D Hands to help contribute to the development of their Bionic Arm…which will be provided for free to anyone around the world.

Who are Free 3D Hands and what do we do?

Free 3D Hands is an Australian charity who designs and 3D prints hands and assistive devices. The hands are provided for free, to children and adults all around the world and they even pay the postage! They freely shares their designs under an open-source licence so others can make and repair their own devices and to encourage further innovation. Their goal is to significantly bring down the cost of assistive technology to help those who currently cannot access or afford it.

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Ocean Reach Brewing is an independent brewery located in the heart of the beachside community of Cowes, Phillip Island. They are a producer of hop forward beers brewed for the beer enthusiasts and adventurists. Ocean Reach beer brings excitement, elation and enlightenment through personal achievement, creative endeavours or by extending beyond what was thought possible - reaching for the best or better.

Where to buy the beer?

If you'd like to order BIONIC and support us please click the link below. Your order will be shipped by Ocean Reach Brewing. Cheers!

Mat & Simon