About Us

Driven by purpose, not by profit.

Our team is addressing global inaccessibility of quality assistive technology by designing, manufacturing and freely sharing low-cost 3D printed designs.

Who are we?

We are Free 3D Hands. A charity based in Australia who designs and manufactures 3D printed assistive devices. We don’t charge our recipients a cent, not even for postage. We share our designs open source, so more people around the world can access quality assistive technology.

Why are we here?

There are over 1 billion people around the world who require assistive devices. This number is predicted to double by 2030. For 90% of those people, access to assistive technology remains limited. Free 3D Hands exists to provide high-quality, low-cost designs for assistive devices for people with upper limb differences… for free.

How are we helping?

Firstly, we wanted to address the high cost of assistive devices.

Our 3D printing materials are very low cost and allow us to prototype new designs quickly.

We use only low-cost consumer parts and electronics which are available at hardware stores or online.

Our design focus is on eliminating the need for expensive customised parts or tools. This opens up a pathway for people to be able to easily obtain the required materials, and then print and assemble their own devices using our designs.

Secondly, we love to share!

We don’t copyright our designs and release them under an open-source licence. We believe this encourages innovation and empowers others to adapt our designs.

It also enables people to repair or reprint their own parts without having to send them back to the manufacturer and be without their devices for long periods of time. By having more access to our designs, more people can make and share our product!

Access for all

We believe in a world where everyone has equal access to assistive technology!