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Our hands are not just for kids! After sending Cat her midnight black hand we thought she might like to colour coordinate with some outfits, she asked for a hot pink one and we delivered! Our hands are so low cost that we can provide them in different colours, all for free! “Hi Mat & the team, Thank you so much for my hand! I’ve had fun going around the house with my son picking up items. It fits great and is comfortable. It was an amazing feeling to be able to hold and open that bottle, not going to lie 😊 I’m so grateful there are lovely humans like you in the world. Thanks again, Cat x”


We were contacted by Cassi’s Occupational Therapist to see if we could help her out with a device. Despite a few design challenges we were able to work together to come up with something Cassi was really happy with. “Cassi is so excited to have her new hand. We received it in the mail today. Cassi gave me instructions this morning, to bring it to school at lunch time if it arrived, so she lit up when she saw me walk into school with the parcel box in hand 🥰 A BIG THANK YOU GOES TO THE WHOLE TEAM 🥰”


Nathalia was one of our first recipients in the US. Previously, due to insurance reasons, we were unable to send our devices to the States. Thanks to our supporter Insurance House we are now able to send our devices to any country in the world.  Nathalia lives in the Bronx with her family and we received this beautiful message from her mum. “I would like to thank you Mr. Mat and your team for your hard work and from the bottom of my heart I am grateful and honored to be able to receive a 3D hand from you guys to my daughter, both my daughter and I are very happy, and she’s already starting to feel comfortable using it ❤️”


Eli was the first kid that Mat made a hand for 5 years ago. He used an open-source design with an Iron Man theme. It was seeing the smile on Eli’s face that helped Mat realise that he wanted to keep making hands! Just recently we made a new hand for Eli and here you can see him 5 years later with his new 3D hand.​


Nika lives in Georgia, a beautiful and diverse country nestled at the eastern end of the Black Sea. Nika lost part of his right hand and eyesight in an accident when he was a teenager. Nika is a talented swimmer who represents Georgia internationally as a vision impaired athlete. He was the first Georgian national to win an Olympic medal since the country gained their independence in 1991. Nika contacted us in June 2020 to see if we could make him a hand that would accommodate his remaining finger. A traditional socket-based prosthetic would not be suitable for Nika so Mat set about the challenge of designing a hand to fit. Thanks to our advanced clay modelling software, we were able to adapt our Kinetic Hand design and create a device Nika was happy with. Mat was hoping to volunteer as a translator at the Paralympics in Japan in 2021 and meet Nika in person, however COVID had other ideas!

“Thank you so much for giving this to us and allowing us to witness firsthand the happiness and realization of opportunities in Baylee. You are truly amazing!” Baylee's Dad

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