Global Reach

By sharing our designs for free, others around the world can make or repair their own devices.

“I will wear my new hand to the temple and show my gratitude toward my Lord Buddha with my complete 10 fingers.”

– Recipient of a Kinetic Hand made by Thai Reach, a group who make devices for people with Leprosy in Thailand. He had lived without both hands for 50 years.

We empower others by open sourcing our ideas and IP.

We don’t profit by selling our designs. We want to encourage further innovation in the field of assistive technology.

We bring the cost of manufacturing high quality, functional devices down to the point where we can provide them for free. Our aim is to encourage prosthetic & bionic companies around the world to drastically reduce the cost to the end user.

Our Kinetic Hand design has been downloaded over 3200 times… for free.

This hand was made by in Poland by

We provide an extensive print & assembly manual.

This 99-page manual can be downloaded alongside our Kinetic Hand design. It is the culmination of all of our learnings to date and lays out step-by-step every process from beginning to end. In it you will find what products and equipment we use, how much we pay for it, and where we buy it.

This manual will not only guide you but also teach you about the 3D printing process that we use.


When we share our designs we open up a world of ideas. The power of others being able to take our designs and innovate further, means reaching more people, more countries and more communities. When technology is centralised for profit, the effects ultimately burden the end user or the funding organisations trying to cover the huge costs of assistive devices.

Build it

The manual includes appendices for silicon moulding and advanced scaling. An engineering approach to presenting the data is used and each step includes the tools required and special notes where necessary. 

We have had everyone from school kids to prosthetists be able to assemble a hand and the feedback from makers and recipients has been exceptionally positive.

As not every brand we use here in Australia is available globally, we are adding details of similar international brands that other makers have found work well for them.

Access for all

We believe in a world where everyone has equal access to assistive technology!