Nika lives in Georgia, a beautiful and diverse country nestled at the eastern end of the Black Sea. Nika lost part of his right hand and eyesight in an accident when he was a teenager. Nika is a talented swimmer who represents Georgia internationally as a vision impaired athlete. He was the first Georgian national to win an Olympic medal since the country gained their independence in 1991. Nika contacted us in June 2020 to see if we could make him a hand that would accommodate his remaining finger. A traditional socket-based prosthetic would not be suitable for Nika so Mat set about the challenge of designing a hand to fit. Thanks to our advanced clay modelling software, we were able to adapt our Kinetic Hand design and create a device Nika was happy with. Mat was hoping to volunteer as a translator at the Paralympics in Japan in 2021 and meet Nika in person, however COVID had other ideas!